What is Clinical massage?

The purpose of clinical massage therapy is to develop, maintain, rehabilitate and augment the physical function of the massage client in clinical and other therapeutic environments. Pamela is trained in a highly specialised health modality that focuses on both the evaluation and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction through manual manipulation.

What techniques are used?

Many of the techniques used will be familiar to anyone that has experienced some form of massage and include: Trigger point therapy (TrP), sports massage, neuromuscular techniques, hydrotherapy, Kinesio® Taping, lymphatic drainage and Swedish massage. Orthopedic testing and postural analysis is often used to determine muscle imbalances and to develop a more accurate picture of the structures affected. Stretching and relevant exercises are suggested for client self care. Pamela combines all of these 'tools' based on her client's needs to facilitate the most comprehensive and effective treatment.

What conditions can be treated?

There are an array of conditions and their associated muscle pain (myalgia) that can be treated. Common complaints of neck, shoulder and back muscle soreness from modern day living and stresses to more specific conditions such as:

• carpal tunnel syndrome • golfer's elbow • tennis elbow • thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) • rotator cuff injuries tendonitis sciatica • shin splints plantar fasciitis • groin strain • ITB contracture • piriformis syndrome • whiplash • torticollis headaches... to name a few.

What are the benefits?

Enhancement in joint and muscle function. Improvement of circulation. Promotion of the healing process. Increase in metabolism. Pain management, reduction and/or elimination.